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Re: [SOGo] Lightning using the last email, again!

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  • From: Igor Vitorac < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Lightning using the last email, again!
  • Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2013 09:32:40 +0200

According to the CalDAV standard, is server supposed to send all emails or just primary?
I am trying to figure out where the problem resides. SOGo side or Lightning side?


Igor Vitorac wrote, On 18/04/2013 16:22:
It seems that latest Lightning (1.9.1) has again problem with Invitee email address. Or could it be SOGo (2.0.4b)?
I can remember that there was such problem in previous Lightning versions.

- I have 2 emails defined in TB:
(this one is primary and defined as email in Calendar properties)

- I have both email defined in SOGo SQL user source, so SOGo is aware of both.
- My SOGo is installed at

- Email address defined in calendar properties in Lightning is

- When I create event and I want to invite somebody, I can see that my address is displayed as (last email) in invitee list.
- When I receive email invitation from somebody else, Lightning will respond again with wrong email (last one)

New test:
- Then I removed (last email) from my profile in sogo user source, so only one has left . Cleared memcached; started TB/Lightning and Lightning was showing correctly email address ( ) !

So, seems that SOGo is sending both emails ( and ) to Lightning and Lightning is using only the last one (for sending invitations and for responding to invitations).

These are very similar bugs that :
but seems that Lightning now displays always option to Accept/Decline invitation, however behavior with invitee email address is back again.

Does anybody have the similar scenario?


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