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Re : [SOGo] Lightning using the last email, again!

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  • Subject: Re : [SOGo] Lightning using the last email, again!
  • Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 19:23:07 +0200

Hello Igor,
Thank you for the abstract :-)

I always restart memcached when I restart sogo...


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Objet : [SOGo] Lightning using the last email, again!
Date : lun., avr. 22, 2013 18:44

Hello Arnaud,

When you play with SOGo config (e.g. SOGoHideSystemEmail) ALWAYS restart memcached.

You are using LDAP as user source, and in my case it is SQL DB. There are differences in handling emails for 2 user sources, but the problem might be related.

In my case SOGoMailDomain =
and my emails are:
"> (primary defined as mail)
">   (defined as additional email2)

where c_uid is login username.

In Lightning, I will see only second email "> .

But pay ATTENTION: I have tested the case where I have removed second email "> and kept only first one ( "> ). In that case lightning will correctly display only the first email ">

I don't know if SOGo has changed behavior related to what it gives to Lightning, or latest Lightning is doing a bad job.

-->  Jean, Ludovic,

could you please provide feedback from your side, i.e. to confirm that this is a Lightning bug, so we can push issue to Mozilla Lightning.

Many thanks,
Igor Vitorac

Arnaud LE NORCY wrote, On 22/04/2013 17:46:
" type="cite">

sorry, but same problem... and no solution...

With Thunderbird (and Lightning), the identities of my users are "UIDFieldName"@"SOGoMailDomain"... How to get my LDAP attribute "mail" instead? anyone have the answer?

Same problem:
- When I create event and I want to invite somebody, I can see that my address is displayed as "UIDFieldName"@"SOGoMailDomain" in invitee list.
- When I receive email invitation from somebody else, Lightning will respond again with wrong email  "UIDFieldName"@"SOGoMailDomain"

my "SOGoUserSources" is :
SOGoUserSources = (
        CNFieldName = displayName;
        IDFieldName = uid;
        SearchFieldNames = (
        UIDFieldName = uid;
        baseDN = "ou=people,dc=domain,dc=fr";
        bindDN = "cn=adminSogo,ou=userAccess,dc=domain,dc=fr";
        bindPassword = xxxxxx;
        canAuthenticate = YES;
        displayName = "Directory";
        hostname = "";
        id = public;
        isAddressBook = YES;
        port = 389;

I tried SOGoHideSystemEmail YES or NO but it did not work..

sogo 2.0.5 on debian wheezy up to date
lightning 1.9.1 (TB 17 ESR)

thank you,

Le 19/04/2013 09:32, Igor Vitorac a écrit :
" type="cite">According to the CalDAV standard, is server supposed to send all emails or just primary?
I am trying to figure out where the problem resides. SOGo side or Lightning side?


Igor Vitorac wrote, On 18/04/2013 16:22:
It seems that latest Lightning (1.9.1) has again problem with Invitee email address. Or could it be SOGo (2.0.4b)?
I can remember that there was such problem in previous Lightning versions.

- I have 2 emails defined in TB:
"> (this one is primary and defined as email in Calendar properties)

- I have both email defined in SOGo SQL user source, so SOGo is aware of both.
- My SOGo is installed at

- Email address defined in calendar properties in Lightning is ">

- When I create event and I want to invite somebody, I can see that my address is displayed as "> (last email) in invitee list.
- When I receive email invitation from somebody else, Lightning will respond again with wrong email "> (last one)

New test:
- Then I removed "> (last email) from my profile in sogo user source, so only one has left "> . Cleared memcached; started TB/Lightning and Lightning was showing correctly email address ( "> ) !

So, seems that SOGo is sending both emails ( "> and "> ) to Lightning and Lightning is using only the last one (for sending invitations and for responding to invitations).

These are very similar bugs that :
but seems that Lightning now displays always option to Accept/Decline invitation, however behavior with invitee email address is back again.

Does anybody have the similar scenario?


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