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Re: [SOGo] Auto-reply ? Possible

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  • From: Ron Scott-Adams < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Auto-reply ? Possible
  • Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2013 22:59:47 -0400

I'm willing to bet this user has some setting in their client treating calendar invites in some fashion (either automatically rejecting or accepting them.)

What happens if you send this user a calendar invite and trace the emissions from that users account for awhile?

Ron Scott-Adams
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On Jun 7, 2013, at 17:09 , Albert Shih < "> > wrote:

Le 07/06/2013 ? 10:55:59+0200, Christian Mack a écrit

Thanks for your answer.

Am 2013-06-06 23:09, schrieb Albert Shih:

I've a strange report from one of my user.

He claim he just receive some message from yahoo (not important can be any
server) smtp server for unknown user.

Meanning he send a email to this unknown user. Of course he never send this
message (spam).

First I suspect some basic spam. But when I check the header I see :

   x-sogo-message-type: calendar:invitation-reply

and indeed the message is really send from sogo.

My question is : Is it possible sogo reply AUTOMATICALLY to some message ?
That's sound very strange to me but...well...I'm want to be sure.

If you use resource accounts, then yes.
They will automatically accept invitations, if the desired time frame is
not already used up by other events.
Accepting invitations from users outside SOGo means sending them an email.

That is by design, and the sole purpose of resource accounts.

Well the point is I don't use resource accounts. And more strange the first
mail was a spam.

What I can find in the log,

   someone on internet send a spam to my user.

   sogo answer automaticaly to this spam

   of course the spammer address don't exist

   so the user received a return warning message say the spammer address
   don't exist.

I'm little worry about that because that's mean if it's really append, some
spammer can use sogo as spam realy.


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