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Re[2]: [SOGo] Fun with Funambol

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  • Subject: Re[2]: [SOGo] Fun with Funambol
  • Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 19:33:17 +0000

Hi Michel,
I didn't even know there was an ActiveSync plugin. Shows how little I know about these things.
I think I've nailed down where the problem is occurring in my setup. The Funambol is actually working OK, it appears that eM Client is having trouble remembering login details and when I sync'd my WinMo 6.1 device it didn't have anything on it so decided to update the server by removing all the calendar and task stuff!
It was a good job I had done an export to a backup file to recover data in just such an event.
But all is OK now, it seems. I think I will have to see how eM Client pans out, because if this connection failure is going to happen routinely, then it may not be stable enough to replace Outlook yet. We'll see.
I'll try to keep from posting anything more here for a while, even if something comes up as it could invariably just be down to my setup giving me grief.
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Hi, just my 2 cents but wouldn't it be a solution tout try the sogo zpush plugin for using the native activesync of winmo 6.1 ?

Le 29 juin 2013 20:11, "Ian J." < "> > a écrit :
Okey dokey,

Yet again I'm being an idiot.

I've got SOGo working with eM Client mostly nicely, and have now installed the
Funambol server on my mail server and the client (9.0.2) on my Windows Mobile
6.1 device.

I can get the Contacts to sync, but not the Calendar or Tasks for which the
sync runs, but nothing gets updated.

I've checked the documentation and noticed that the SOGo advice on setting up
the Funambol client is somewhat out of date - they removed the option for
two-way, one-way sync a while ago in favour of two-way only. Maybe there are
other things also that need checking?

Can anyone point me in the direction of posts dealing with any known problems
with the Funambol client that cover selective failing of synchronization?



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