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Re: [SOGo] SOGo with externally hosted mail

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] SOGo with externally hosted mail
  • Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2013 17:02:05 +0200

You have to install an email server (postfix/openldap/cyrus) and to make it works and after install on this 


Le Mercredi 31 Juillet 2013 16:41 CEST, Daniel Berteaud < > a écrit:
Le mercredi 31 juillet 2013 à 07:06 -0700, Matthew a écrit :
> I have a client whose requirements call for hosting their email
> accounts externally. I have searched the docs but not found mention
> of the following scenario - does SOGo support a scenario wherein
> users' email is hosted externally, and connection to those external
> user accounts made through IMAP? To be clear, this is distinctly
> different than periodic collecting email from external accounts and
> transferring to local SOGo mailbox. Mailbox would remain on external
> host, and simply be accessed by SOGo via IMAP.

SOGo has no "local mailbox", it's just an email client and access your
mails through IMAP, so it should be fine with an externaly hosted mail
server, as long as you can access it with IMAP

Regards, Daniel

> Thank you

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