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[SOGo] more SOGo Connector issues / observations

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  • From: Daniel Pocock < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] more SOGo Connector issues / observations
  • Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 23:45:03 +0200

Just a few more observations after further testing:

- Some LDAP-based users are using user@domain as their login username,
the server automatically creates resources such as

https://server/davical/caldav.php/ /addressbook
In Evolution, I insert that URL and it automatically converts from @ to
%40 e.g.
https://server/davical/caldav.php/ but in
ThunderBird / SOGo Connector, it seems to choke, no attempt to sync, no
hits in the apache.log. I can manually edit the URL to insert %40 and
then it is working.

- after making that change, I noticed it went into some loop continually
hitting the server, getting a 401 response and never prompting for a
password - I'm guessing there is some bug in the authentication/password
prompt logic for scenarios where somebody changes the URL after account
setup. On restarting IceDove, it prompts for the password at startup
and immediately logs in correctly.

- in the password prompt, it is not clear what it wants to log in to (it
should mention the address book name probably) - for somebody with
multiple address books, or somebody who has multiple test environments,
this makes a big difference.

- the password prompt appeared twice for me (I've often had that
problem, even with older versions of the connector running against OGo)

So, it is working, but with some improvement it could be more polished.

I have seen problems in the past where Lightning/iceowl-extension went
into a loop hitting the server too, I was doing a demo of Ganglia at the
time and was pleased to have a real crisis to demonstrate (the Postgres
SQL host running red hot on the Ganglia cluster summary page). It
wasn't immediately obvious that Lightning was the culprit either but
didn't take long to track it down.

  • [SOGo] more SOGo Connector issues / observations, Daniel Pocock, 08/31/2013

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