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Re: [SOGo] can´t save password

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  • From: Dominique C. < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] can´t save password
  • Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2014 00:38:40 +0100

I said I had (in the past) the same problem with the address book... Password can't be saved in TB.... I don't anymore.... When I did setup the calendar, the save password option was available, and once the password was saved, the info remained available for the address book. Problem solved... And since I repeated the same process on different PCs I am sure it works. The calendar saving bug still needs to be addressed anyhow.


On 31/12/2013, at 20:46, "Szládovics Péter" < > wrote:

2013-12-31 17:26 keltezéssel, Dominique C. írta:
You must be confused... It's a Thunderbird/Lightning problem. And yes I am using the last available of both.

The first post report a problem about the address book, not the calendar. He said the password form didn't have the save pass checkbox.
AFAIK the lightning problem different than the problem in the first post, but you told us: 'I had the same problem'...

You need to specify your problem.

Szládovics, Péter

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  • Re: [SOGo] can´t save password, Dominique C ., 12/31/2013

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