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Re: [SOGo] expire-autoreply script stop working

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  • From: Alessio Fattorini < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] expire-autoreply script stop working
  • Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 16:24:58 +0100

Il 22/01/2014 21:28, Jean Raby ha scritto:

My guess is that the password you provided to sogo-tool is wrong or the user
not a master user.

# grep sogo /etc/dovecot/master.users

# sudo -u sogo /usr/sbin/sogo-tool expire-autoreply sogo:Nethesis
<0x0x8ecebac[SOGoCache]> Cache cleanup interval set every 300.000000 seconds
<0x0x8ecebac[SOGoCache]> Using host(s) 'localhost' as server(s)
2014-01-30 23:59:04.385 sogo-tool[16511] failure. Attempting with a renewed password (no authname supported)
2014-01-30 23:59:04.387 sogo-tool[16511] Could not login 'alessio' on Sieve server: <0x0x9045694[NGSieveClient]: socket=<NGActiveSocket[0x0x9049f84]: mode=rw address=<0x0x904b454[NGInternetSocketAddress]: host=localhost port=57900> connectedTo=<0x0x90479ac[NGInternetSocketAddress]: host=localhost port=4190>>>: (null)

Alessio is the user with vacation activated

Same error with:
sudo -u sogo /usr/sbin/sogo-tool expire-autoreply -p /var/lib/sogo/credentials

# cat /var/lib/sogo/credentials

With cron:
0 0 * * * sogo /usr/sbin/sogo-tool expire-autoreply -p /var/lib/sogo/credentials

Maybe, I miss something :-\

Alessio Fattorini
Nethesis srl - Pesaro (Italy)

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