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Re: [SOGo] Outlook 2013 active Sync

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  • From: Rui Moura < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Outlook 2013 active Sync
  • Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 17:45:42 +0000

Hy all,

I forgot to mention, the previous error happens in ZEG server with SOGo and Sope upgraded to nightly.

In my environment running on CentOS I get this:

In Apache:
[30/Jan/2014:17:36:51 +0000] "POST /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync?Cmd=FolderSync&User=rmoura&DeviceId=DAA4146C5C3B4A45AAE62B76C87F15D4&DeviceType=WindowsOutlook15 HTTP/1.1" 502 525

In Openchange:
2014-01-30 16:25:09,135 INFO  [openchange.web.auth.NTLMAuthHandler] [worker 1] client did not pass auth cookie
2014-01-30 16:25:09,135 INFO  [openchange.web.auth.NTLMAuthHandler] [worker 1] acquiring lock /var/cache/ntlmauthhandler/ntlm- (16172)

and in sogo.log I see the emails sync passing through, I see the sync attempt of all my emails folders, however no sync with Outlook 2013...

Anyone to provide additional aid? I am available to help in the test process.

Rui Moura

On 30/01/14 15:03, Rui Moura wrote:
Hy all,

I am experiencing and trying to solve exactly this same problem.......

Outlook is not able to connect do SOGo and the only logs I get are:

In Apache:
[30/Jan/2014:10:01:26 -0500] "GET /autodiscover/autodiscover.xml HTTP/1.1" 401 304 "-" "WinHttpRequest"

In Openchange:
2014-01-30 10:01:26,704 INFO  [openchange.web.auth.NTLMAuthHandler] [worker 0] client did not pass auth cookie

Rui Moura

On 30/01/14 07:55, Sarah Lee C.B wrote:
I also have the same problem..
  1.     test with android, containing response, but can not sync email
  2.     test with outlook 2013, no response from server.
Sarah Lee

On 16/01/2014 17:29, RUIZ Anthony wrote:
Outlook error : Connexion au serveur de messagerie Exchange ActiveSync (EAS): Serveur Introuvable

The logs are ok, no error message :

[16/Jan/2014:10:27:13 GMT] "OPTIONS /SOGo/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync HTTP/1.1" 200 0/0 0.023 - - 0

[16/Jan/2014:10:28:23 +0100] "OPTIONS /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync HTTP/1.1" 200 5065 "-" "Outlook/15.0 (15.0.4551.1507; MSI; x86)"

Any idea ?

Le 15/01/2014 12:08, RUIZ Anthony a écrit :
Hello, I try to run outlook 2013 and sogo ...
I have added to my sogo.conf:

ProxyPass / SOGo / casProxy http://localhost/cgi-bin/
<proxy http://localhost/app/>
   Order deny, allow
   Allow from your-case-host-addr
</ Proxy>

ProxyPass / SOGo retry = 0

# Enable to use Microsoft Active Sync Support
ProxyPass / Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync retry = 0


My version of SOGo: Version 2.1.2 ( 201401151026)

When I run outlook 2013, can not even connect to the server... someone an idea?
when the connection to outlook, I have no log on apache or sogo ..

Thank you in advance

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