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Re: [SOGo] Adding, removing users with "sql"-auth in 2.1.1b

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  • From: Christian Mack < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Adding, removing users with "sql"-auth in 2.1.1b
  • Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2014 11:30:13 +0100

Hello Holger Biber

Am 2014-01-31 18:33, schrieb Holger Biber:
> we are using SOGo 2.1.1b with "sql"-auth on a CentOS with Plesk
> (POP3/Imap and MySQL/phpMyAdmin are on this machine).
> I've added several users via Plesk-interface to our EMail-Users. These
> users aren't added to sogo-sql-tables automatically. What ist the best
> way to add them to sogo, too?

I don't know plesk at all.
Heard it is really crappy, as it changes used software by restrikting
its usecases.
But your opinion may vary.

If you want to use the plesk users, you have to create a view of the
plesk user table.
This view has to provide the needed information in a form, SOGo can
Right now you seem to use a separate database for sogo alone, therefore
no synchronisation.

> Encryption in plesk email-user-database is "$AES-128-CBC$"
< ... >

Sorry you can not use these.
See option userPasswordAlgorithm in server documentation.

> How could I change this config to use just IMAP or POP3 authentication
> for all users.

AFAIK this is not possible right now.
There was a discussion about it on this mailing list.
Perhaps you can find it in the archives.

> Especially not to enter the full email-adress, i.e. just
> use "myemailname" to login not
> " "
> at the
> SOGo-weblogin.

This depends, how you (or Plesk) set values in column c_uid in your user
table (== mysql://SOGOADM:SOGOADMPW@localhost:3306/sogo/sogo_auth).

Kind regards,
Christian Mack

Christian Mack
Gruppe Informationsdienste
Rechenzentrum Universität Konstanz

  • Re: [SOGo] Adding, removing users with "sql"-auth in 2.1.1b, Christian Mack, 02/03/2014

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