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Re: [SOGo] Questions re: SOGo update server

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  • From: Ludovic Marcotte < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Questions re: SOGo update server
  • Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2014 15:43:19 -0400
  • Organization: Inverse inc.

On 2014-04-27, 9:06 AM, Charles Marcus wrote:
This will be the first time I have modified anything to do with the Update Server after the SOGo guys installed this for me, and it is still forcing the install of the older connector/24.0.2 and Integrator/24.0.3 extensions. I'm ready to update these to the latest 24.0.4, but I have some questions about the configuration.

I have modified the new Integrator extension and uploaded both of the new versions to /var/www/plugins folder (same folder that also contains the updates/php file).


1. Is this the correct location? How do I confirm this?

I'm new to both Debian *and* SOGo, and am not even sure where the DocumentRoot is for the SOGo web server.
That's the usual location on Debian.

2. Owners for Connector and Integrator are different:

Connector is root:root, and Integrator is the username I assigned for the SOGo dev who remoted in and did this install for me.
Make it at least readable by your Apache user.

Does it matter? What should the owners and permissions be for each/both?

3. Do I need to restart SOGo after modifying the updates.php script?



Ludovic Marcotte

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