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Re: [SOGo] Issue with SOGoMailComposeMessageType

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Issue with SOGoMailComposeMessageType
  • Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2014 08:26:34 -0700

Hello there Christian, thank you for your reply.

Yea, upon my investigation, I cannot find anything out of the ordinary as

It does appear, however, that something within IE10 is “forcing” plain text
mode. Do we know how SOGo loads the HTML-based editor? Are there
Javascript-related functions that check certain browser functionality before
allowing HTML-based editing? Possibly there is some type of policy within
IE10 that requires a change?

Oddly enough, this issue we are having happens only on domain computers that
exist within a certain OU in Active Directory. I would have guessed it was
due to a user policy, though when logging in as the local (non-domain)
administrator, this problem persists. So it is most definitely an affected
system (setting?), versus a particular user.

Really, the only user policies that we do change are related to Trusted Sites
and the setting to “Low”. And of course, we do include SOGo as a trusted

We don’t have the option of running another browser, for application and
security purposes. (Yes, yes, I know, that statement sounds like I’ve been
having a few too many already this morning …)

I may try moving systems outside of their OU to try and at least narrow down
the issue, but it does seem extremely odd that it would do this. Nothing out
of the ordinary has been installed either on our systems. In fact, since our
applications are all web-based, we hardly have any local applications to
begin with.

Thanks for your input Christian.

On Jun 3, 2014, at 3:12 AM, Christian Mack
< >

> Hi Laz C. Peterson
> Am 2014-06-03 01:01, schrieb Laz C. Peterson:
>> We are attempting to implement a “sogo-tool”-based corporate signature.
>> And, unfortunately I am having a fairly major issue with the
>> SOGoMailComposeMessageType setting.
>> For a few random users, even with SOGoMailComposeMessageType set as “html”
>> in sogo.conf, they are still unable to select “HTML” instead of “Plain
>> Text” in their settings from certain computers. It is like it is enforced
>> as “Plain Text”.
>> Our HTML-based signature looks great for most users. But for others, we
>> can’t get the compose type to be set no matter what we do. It is always
>> as “Plain Text”. If I log in as the same user on my system (same
>> environment), the compose message type is somehow HTML.
>> I really don’t know what the problem could be. Especially considering
>> HTML is set in the sogo.conf file.
>> Any suggestions? Browsers in question are running IE10.
> We had that Problem also with some users.
> This has nothing to do with SOGoMailComposeMessageType in sogo.conf.
> I investigated the users account and there was nothing special.
> There where no additional Add-Ons and only the normal Plug-Ins installed.
> As you said other users on IE10 work without problems.
> Using another browser was the only way to fix it for the affected users.
> Kind regards,
> Christian Mack
> --
> Christian Mack
> Universität Konstanz
> Kommunikations-, Informations-, Medienzentrum (KIM)
> Abteilung Basisdienste
> 78457 Konstanz
> +49 7531 88-4416

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