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Re: [SOGo] Re: Serious problem after mariadb upgrade from 5.5.30 to 5.5.37

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  • From: Charles Marcus < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Re: Serious problem after mariadb upgrade from 5.5.30 to 5.5.37
  • Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2014 15:38:51 -0400

On 6/14/2014 3:35 PM, Ludovic Marcotte
< >
On 2014-06-14, 2:32 PM, Charles Marcus wrote:
2014-06-14 14:32:01.639 sogo-tool[19240] ERROR: could not open MySQL4 connection to database 'sogo': Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB server
<0x0x177b140[GCSChannelManager]> could not open channel <MySQL4Channel[0x0x16331b0] connection=0x(null)> for URL:mysql://sogo_admin: :3306/sogo/sogo_sessions_folder

Check your ACL on

The host '' should be allowed to connect using the 'sogo_admin' user and access the 'sogo' database.


I guess during your upgrade the access lists were messed up.

Ok, well, it is no longer an emergency...

Once I noticed the wrong hostname, I was able to fix this temporarily by granting the same rights that the sogo user has on the sogo DB, to user.

Now, the question is, why did the DB start seeing these connections as coming from the hostname?

I did have that pointer set up in DNS as an alternate hostname associated with the sogo host IP, but it has been working for months like that. I tried deleting this entry, clearing the DNS cache on the DNS server and restarting it, and even restarting the SOGo server

The hostname is set to sogo:

root@sogo:~# hostname

Is there a way to tell sogo to connect with a specific hostname, ie:

Best regards,


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