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[SOGo] ActiveSync w/ Nginx and Unknown Webclient

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  • From: Ben < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] ActiveSync w/ Nginx and Unknown Webclient
  • Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2014 07:36:00 -0600

I upgraded to SOGo 2.2.5 and ActiveSync seems to be mostly working although email sync seems to sometimes fail to sync / have a large delay in catching news emails. Looking in the logs, I see:

2014-06-15 07:27:53.483 sogod[30236] -[WEClientCapabilities initWithRequest:]: Unknown WebClient: user-agent='Android/4.4.2-EAS-1.3'
2014-06-15 07:27:53.907 sogod[1754] Sleeping 10 seconds while detecting changes...
Jun 15 07:28:19 sogod [9208]: [WARN] <0x0x7f6d28bd8300[WOWatchDogChild]> pid 1754 has been hanging in the same request for 1 minutes

Any ideas on tracking own the hanging pid? Also, every ActiveSync clients is logged as "Unknown WebClient" -- is that a problem? Maybe I didn't configure nginx to properly proxy /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync -- I'm using:

location ^~ /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync {
proxy_redirect /;



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