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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] GUI Revamp
  • Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2014 10:06:19 -0300

On 12/06/14 11:14, Francis Lachapelle wrote:

Since the release of version 1.0 five years ago, SOGo has gained a lot in
maturity and tons of great features. However, we feel like the UI and UX of
the Web interface have been neglected and deserve a good amount of love.
That's why we have big plans for the next major release of SOGo. We want to
leverage the stability and flexibility of the backend to completely rewrite
the front-end with modern technologies that will allow the evolution of SOGo
for another five years.

The biggest challenge we want to meet is the accessibility of the Web
interface from modern mobile devices. SOGo is already accessible to mobile
devices through CalDAV, CardDAV and ActiveSync, but some users still want to
access their data through a Web browser. That means removing double-clicks
and contextual menus. It also means responsive design and simplified UI for
small screens, all without penalizing desktop users.

We've been analyzing and testing various options for the past few months and
we decided to build the new Web interface with the following open source

- AngularJS ( a powerful open-source web
application framework. The project is already very popular and has a
promising future.
- Foundation ( an advanced front-end framework
combining a flexible grid system and a great bare style to build a custom
look and feel.
- Ionic ( a new framework to build hybrid
mobile apps with HTML5. While our initial goal is to offer a very functional
Web interface to mobile devices, Ionic will ultimately help us to package a
native app of SOGo for Android and iPhone devices.

SOGo is a complex Web application and deserves a serious front-end
architecture. That's why we'll adopt a MVW (model-view-whatever) structure on
the front-end (AngularJS), use Sass to build the CSS (with Foundation), and
use a specific framework for the mobile version of the Web interface (Ionic).

If you are a UX expert, a UI designer or a JavaScript developer and you want
to contribute to the revamp of the Web front-end of SOGo, please contact us.
Share your ideas, sketches and inspirations on what would be the very best
open source groupware for you.



+1000 !!!!

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