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Re: [SOGo] Dovecot shared mailbox dictionary via SOGo

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Dovecot shared mailbox dictionary via SOGo
  • Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2014 19:45:43 +0100

On 17/06/14 23:24, Ludovic Marcotte wrote:
Create a brand new ActiveSync profile on Android and only sync the address book. While doing so, sniff the traffic using tcpdump on port 20000 from your SOGo server. Send the pcap over privately.

I'm working with Ludovic off-line on this one as requested...

How wrong? What is the URL being generated? Show your SOGo Integrator customizations and your sogo.conf file.

I'm feeling rather silly now.  it turns out that the problem all along was a mixture of errors in my Dovecot and AutoMX (used to auto-configure Thunderbird, Outlook, etc. with mail account details) configurations.  These were causing the original problem with the incorrect entries in the shared dictionary.

I have reverted to using a simple username (sAMAccountName as it's Active Directory) to identify my users uniquely in Dovecot.  My mistake was returning mail as the attribute instead of sAMAccountName as the "user" variable in my auth-ldap.conf.ext file (pass_attrs entry).  I've also now switched the Dovecot auth_username_format parameter from %Lu to %Ln.  These two changes have made shared folders work in SOGo and Thunderbird without the need for a domain name in the shared dictionary file.

The inconsistency in the SOGo Integrator occurred when I was using domain extensions.  On a fresh Thunderbird profile it was generating URLs with the correct user@domain in them for calendars but "forgetting" the @domain part of the URL for contacts.  Although confusing, it is working as designed.  The calendar URLs must be queried from the SOGo database in some way, whereas the contact ones are constructed locally using the IMAP username.  We use AutoMX to look-up e-mail addresses in our Active Directory and publish autoconfig/discovery information for Thunderbird.  This was still returning just the plain username and hence the account username for the IMAP account in Thunderbird did not contain the @domain part.

As we have reverted to using simple usernames, our AutoMX configuration (returning sAMAccountName for the IMAP username) is now correct and the SOGo Integrator and everything else is happy.

Sorry for the noise about this but hope it helps someone else in the future?  It's a complex business integrating all these products but is great when it eventually works!


Ian McMichael

Phone: +44-(0)7703-192837

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