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Re: [SOGo] Outlook FreeBusy lookups

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  • From: Igor Vitorac < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Outlook FreeBusy lookups
  • Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2014 14:50:10 +0200

If you need to set the properties (e.g. View Date and Time) for each user, that could be done with sogo-tool (I hope so). I think it can be achived in this way:
1. First export all sogo user into one folder:
sogo-tool backup my_backup_folder ALL

In that way you will get one file per sogo user in my_bacup_folder.

2. Write and execute script that will read all file names (users name) from backup folder and set the properties for each of them. Something like following:
for i in $( ls /home/sogo/my_backup_folder/); do
      echo "Processing $i user..."
      sudo -u sogo sogo-tool user-preferences set defaults %i SOGoTimeFormat '{"SOGoTimeFormat": "%H:%M"}'

You will need to change SOGoTimeFormat settings to SOGoCalendarDefaultRoles or something else you would like to set.


Martin Simovic wrote on 25/07/2014 11:59:
On 24 Jul 2014, at 17:15, Martin Simovic < > wrote:


I am trying to implement FreeBusy lookups for Outlook 2010 for meeting scheduling. We are using SOGo without Openchange layer, email is accessed via IMAP and calendars / contacts are synced with SOGo server via iCal4OL software.

I read in SOGo documentation that:
- freebusy lookups are supported using the Internet Free/Busy feature of Outlook
- URL to use must be of the following format: http://<hostname>/SOGo/dav/public/%NAME%/freebusy.ifb
- SOGoEnablePublicAccess must be set to YES

This works, with one limitation: Each user’s calendar ACL’s have to be updated for public access (View Date and Time). Whilst there is a setting SOGoCalendarDefaultRoles, this is ignored for public access. Is there another way of enabling FreeBusy lookups for Outlook other than granting public calendar access on user-by-user basis?

Many thanks for any hints

There are at least two ways this could be achieved:

1. Have a setting like “SOGoCalendarDefaultRoles” that applies for public calendars


2. Embed username / password in SOGo URL, something like "http://<hostname>/SOGo/dav/public/%NAME%/freebusy.ifb?Login=Login&Password=PW

Is any of the above possible?


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