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AW: [SOGo] ActiveSync weirdness on 2.2.12a-1 and possibly other versions (bug???)

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  • Subject: AW: [SOGo] ActiveSync weirdness on 2.2.12a-1 and possibly other versions (bug???)
  • Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 08:25:42 +0100


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Im Auftrag von Marcus Andree
Gesendet: Montag, 22. Dezember 2014 00:50

Betreff: [SOGo] ActiveSync weirdness on 2.2.12a-1 and possibly other versions

Hi, guys,
I've been tracking an issue with activesync and sogo on a demo project due to
be ready in a week or so. Got a few virtual machines running Centos 6.5 x64.
The complete setup is complex and includes:

Cyrus IMAP + Murder Aggregator (2 frontends, 2 backends and 2 mupdate's)
SOGo (first 2.2.9a, then 2.2.12a-1)
Win 2k8 + AD/LDAP (authentication)
Nginx acting as IMAP proxy

Cyrus had to be upgraded to 2.4 in order to work properly with SOGo's
activesync module. After some initial problems with no sufficient clients to
test a single user (i.e., me), the number of workers was raised to a safe
value (30).
Contact lists are sync'ing via ActiveSync, but had no luck so far with
They simply refuse to synchronize.
When I was running 2.2.9a, was able to see the contents of all mail folders
except INBOX (after a long time syncing, despite having only about 60 e-mail
messages). The messages were sync' ing on mobile a Samsung TAB 3 and an iPad

Decided to upgrade from 2.2.9a to 2.2.12a-1, but no luck. After several hours
trying to track the source of this problem, some tcpdump logs were set, after
reversing imaps and https to imap and http. These logs were showing a "NO
Mailbox does not exist" between Cyrus and SOGo.

These logs had also shown that SOGo was sending two unusual (wrong?)
commands to Cyrus:
1) LIST "" ""
2) status "(null)" (UIDVALIDITY)

The command #2 above is, apparently, the source of the error message.
It _seems_ that the results of the first LIST command (nothing/null/no
folders) are being used as (1) source of folders to sync and (2) build the
status command and this is causing the folders not to be sync'ed...

Can't say for sure if this error comes from my setup, so I'd appreciate if
some SOGo guru with more-than-average knowledge about the source could check


Hi Marcus!

Please post an excerpt of sogo.log with ImapDebugEnabled set to YES and the
output of:

sogo-tool -v manage-eas listdevices <user-id>
sogo-tool -v manage-eas listfolders <user-id> <device-id>


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