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Re: [SOGo] disable auto-complete for certain external ldap address books

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] disable auto-complete for certain external ldap address books
  • Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2015 20:32:10 +0100

Hi list, Rainer,

Thanks for your openldap-pcache suggestion, I am working on that now, but I have run into an issue on the way. The way I currently understand things, is:

For the queries to be cacheable with openldap/pcache, two things are required:

1) a proxyTemplate to match my incoming queries
2) a pcacheAttrset matching the requested attributes

I have defined a proxyTemplate like:
proxyTemplate (|(sn=)(displayName=)(telephoneNumber=)(mail=)(cn=)) 0 3600

(I think this matches the query SOGo sends to the AD)

But the problem is with the pcacheAttrset: SOGo requests the attributes "cn userprincipalname mail sn manager sAMAccountName", and my openldap 2.4 doesn't know all these fields, in particular:

sAMAccountName & userprincipalname

They are not in any of the openldap 2.4 schema's (including the samba3.schema).

Now...the very first question: I my understanding above correct?

And if yes: is there a way to make SOGo NOT request sAMAccountName and userprincipalname?

Or... is there way to my openldap aware of these two atributes, so it can cache them, and then have a cacheable query?


On 2/27/2015 13:23, Rainer Ruprechtsberger wrote:
I don't have an active directory at hand to test this.. but it should be
possible to create an openldap cache for your ad using the pcache
overlay and ad as ldap "database backend".
Openldap should have no issue with 20k entries.


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