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Re: [SOGo] Ubuntu install with existing AD Server

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  • From: Steve Ankeny < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Ubuntu install with existing AD Server
  • Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2015 08:37:35 -0400

SOGo creates the entries in the MySQL database upon first entry of an authenticated user.

In other words, IF you follow the instructions in the Installation Guide for setting up the MySQL database, and I'm not sure how to authenticate against an EXISTING AD (I built a Samba AD), once you login to SOGo in the web interface, it will populate the 'sogo' database in MySQL -- so, MySQL and a 'sogo' DB is required.

Full instructions are in the Installation Guide.

I built a SOGo Groupware, Mail Server on Ubuntu 14.04, and I just followed each step in the Guide.

I used Apache, MySQL, Dovecot, Postfix, SOGo and OpenChange -- directions in the guides

On 03/29/2015 08:13 AM, Szládovics Péter wrote:
2015-03-29 14:07 keltezéssel, Szládovics Péter írta:
2015-03-29 03:22 keltezéssel, Gerald Brandt írta:
On 2015-03-28 3:57 PM, Szládovics Péter wrote:
2015-03-27 22:14 keltezéssel, Gerald Brandt írta:

I'm trying to get SOGo installed on Ubuntu 14.04, talking to an existing AD server for authentication.

I keep hitting brick walls. Is there a HOWTO on getting SOGo installed from the repos? Some scripts for the database creation, etc?


Dear Gerard,

I have only AD authenticated SOGo installations (in more places) using official packages. Tell us more about these brick walls. I think there are more person here, who hit that walls too, but resolved the problem.
A list of packages to install would be a great start. All the instructions I see show packages that are no longer in the inverse repo, like openchange-ocsmanager, etc.
And.. of course mysql server and sope. I forget them, sorry.

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