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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Thunderbird Lightning, Invatations and the ,
  • Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2015 08:23:34 -0400

What are the Thunderbird/Lightning and SOGo bug numbers?


On 6/24/2015 3:20 AM, Rainer Ruprechtsberger
< >
> Hi,
> we think it's actually a bug in the Lightning plugin.. Since it may hit
> others (and we could be wrong and somehow the SOGo connector introduced
> this):
> Our common name is in the form of sn, givenname. When an appointment is
> planned and you invite attendees the ',' in the name is escaped (since
> it's a delimiter). Somehow TB/Lightning does that wrong.. and if that
> appointment is edited by the planner and saved again the '\' gets
> escaped by another '\'.
> If an appointment is planned with the webinterface this does not happen.
> This escalates quickly. Up to a point where editing this appointment is
> no longer possible because of a resource exhaustion. We do not know when
> this point is reached exactly but eventually the sogod child handling
> the request cannot do so anymore - hangs with max cpu until either max
> mem is reached or max time and the watchdog kills the child.
> lg,
> rupi

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