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Re: [SOGo] Still more problems with the 2.3 upgrade

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  • From: Pávlicz Gábor < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Still more problems with the 2.3 upgrade
  • Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 14:41:45 +0200

I had the same problem after the upgrade.
I think it's related to multidomain config.

After successfully logging in and noticing no address book, calendar, etc. I checked the database tables.
Found out that new lines were added to "sogo_folder_info" table in which the "c_path2" column had the value 'user@domain'.
The table still had the old lines having 'user@domain@domain_key' in "c_path2".
Manually deleting the new lines and updating the table columns (c_path also had the value as substring), I get back addressbook and calendar.
OK, I thought: let's change all occurrences.
Changing c_uid in sogo_user_profiles gave back settings.
Modifying cardDAV and calDAV URLs, and Thunderbird's SOGO Connector works as well.

Still, I have problem with shared Calendars.

On the web interface the calendar's share windows showed empty lines (without name).
Manually adding rights to a new user I noticed, that sogousersomechars_acl table's c_uid column still using the old (pre 2.3) 'user@domain@domain_key' format.
So I updated these tables (once more - with the new domain key), and the empty lines is now OK.

But even if I create a new Calendar in the web interface with user1, and share it to user2, user2 cannot subscribe to this calendar.
The subscribe window calls the URL "SOGo/so/user1@domain@domain_key/foldersSearch?type=calendar" which returns
"object not found: user1@domain@domain_key =&gt; foldersSearch" with error code 404.
(typing the user name is OK, the URL is "SOGo/so/user2@domain/usersSearch?search=string" so it seems to be inconsistent)

The DAV client fails too, since - according to the logs - it also try to use the new format:
"PG0x0x7f79a3514000 SQL: SELECT c_uid, c_object, c_role FROM sogousersomechars_acl WHERE (c_object = '/user1@domain/Calendar/5E51-535F5680-99-50D65280') AND ((c_uid = 'user2@domain') OR (c_uid LIKE '@%'))

Is it a bug, or I changed something incorrectly?

Are there places where the old (user@domain@domain_key) and others where the new (user@domain) naming convention should be used?


2015.06.09. 17:32 keltezéssel, Dave Burkholder írta:
I upgraded from 2.1.17 to 2.3 this morning and I did run the upgrade script!! I did change the domain keys as well.

However, now my Contacts / Calendar and Sieve rules no longer exist.

Is it impossible to recover all this information?



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