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Re: [SOGo] Sogo and Multi-domain visibility

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Sogo and Multi-domain visibility
  • Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2015 05:00:58 +0200

Hi Dave.

don't think its a bug, it works as expected for me on three different SOGo servers (two of them test servers)
it may be the configuration, or your user backend

for instance if i create 3 domains that all uses the same MySQL table to store all users then all 3 domains are visible to each other
but if i use different tables for each domain then the SOGoDomainsVisibility works just as expected
i don't know much about LDAP but i guess that's the same, and one would have to use the "filter = "(o='Inverse' AND mail='*' AND status <> 'inactive')";" option (Installation Guide : Chapter 5)

that's just my thought on the issue, without knowing more about your configuration


On 29-06-2015 23:00, notdevnull wrote:

I'm working in order to migrate from Microsoft Exchange to Sogo.

To test it, I've installed a standard Sogo instance.

But I've a problem. I want to work with several domains :, and

I want and visible together, with totally independant.

I've seen the SOGoDomainsVisibility directive but, when I 've try to use it, when I'm using the autocomplete functionnality when I search a user in the contact/calendar share, I see all the domains account.

If I read the directive SOGoDomainsVisibility, by default, domains are not visibles.
Do you know if it is a bug ?

Thanks you very much for your help !


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