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Re: [SOGo] How to setup password policy in SOGo?

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] How to setup password policy in SOGo?
  • Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2015 12:56:08 -0300

On 10/08/15 10:07, Christian Mack wrote:

Am 10.08.2015 um 07:34 schrieb
SOGo allows users to change their password and I like that because users can
change their password without calling IT department.
The problem comes when users set a too easy password because server security
can be exposed.
Is it possible setting up a password policy in SOGo to avoid users could set a
too easy password?
Is there any option to review periodically password complexity/length ?

No, there is no such function in SOGo.

But SOGo respects AD or LDAP password policies.
If you use a database as authentication source, you are on your own.

For OpenLDAP you need the ppolicy module.

Kind regards,
Christian Mack

I have tried OpenLdap with ppolicy overlay but I get the following error in sogo.log:

Jul 31 12:57:25 sogod [18881]: <0x0xb83f50a8[NGLdapConnection]> change password - ldap_find_control call failed

The only info that I have found is this list message: /msg00227.html

But I don't think that it applies because my OpenLdap server is > 2.4.17. Do I still need to recompile sope49-ldap package against my openldap libs?

S.O: Debian Wheezy 7.8
SOGo: 2.3.1
Openldap: 2.4.31

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