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[SOGo] Sogo web - Thunderbird Sync and consistency

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  • From: Armand Zangué < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] Sogo web - Thunderbird Sync and consistency
  • Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2015 11:12:57 +0200


I did an installation of SOGo on a debian 8 machine couple weeks ago and
it looked very promising; I was able to create, subscribe and manage my
calenders from the browser.

Then I installed the integrator and connector add-ons for Thunderbird.
Prior installation I changed the integrator add-on according to the
provided documentation and installed Lightning.

After configuring and restarting Thunderbird (TB) I was expecting all
calenders I subscribed to from the web end previously to automatically
show up in my calender list in TB. Instead only my personal calenders
did show up, so I needed to subscribe to the other calendars once again
in TB. Plus if I create an Event in a calender from the web client it
won't show up in TB even after reload (the other way around works fine).
Also when I create an event in TB, I cannot edit it later on (I can just
view it). Anything else works just fine for me.

So I'm wondering whether is the way it's supposed to work or whether I
might have some config issues with my installation. Googling around
wasn’t really helpful to answer those questions, that's why I refer to
this list. Any hints or clarification would be kindly welcomed.

best regards,
Armand Zangue

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