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[SOGo] Multiple mail fields in LDAP

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  • From: Mathieu Mirmont < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] Multiple mail fields in LDAP
  • Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2015 16:16:29 +0200
  • Organization: Ampyx Power

Hi everyone,

I use SOGo with an LDAP user database and my users have multiple "mail"
fields for email aliases. The first email address listed in LDAP is
always the canonical one, the one that should be used everywhere, and
the one that matches their LDAP uid. Generally the canonical mail
address is

and aliases can be anything but often


for convenience.

This causes problems with SOGo. I have the feeling that sogo reads all
mail fields from the LDAP database, and then does an strcmp() on all of
them to select which one to use. With my setup it systematically picks
the one with a dot as second character instead of the first entry.

Can I change this behaviour? I'm fine with recompiling SOGo if necessary.

Here's an example scenario where this behaviour is problematic:

- In Thunderbird/Lightning the email address that is registered with my
calendar is my canonical email address:

- I create an event on Thunderbird and click "Invite Attendees". There
my email address isn't my canonical email address but one of my email

and I cannot change it (greyed out).

- I invite attendees to my event, using their canonical email addresses
They receive the invitation, accept it, and send
the confirmation email back.

- The confirmation email comes from their canonical email address (the
From: field of the email), but the content of the email refers to them
using one of their email aliases
( ).

- Thunderbird says "This message contains an update to an existing
event". If I click the "Update" button, the event gets populated with a
new attendee, using the attendee's email alias.

- As a result I get double the number of attendees to my event, half of
them with their canonical email address and without confirmation, and
the other half with an email alias.


Mathieu Mirmont
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  • [SOGo] Multiple mail fields in LDAP, Mathieu Mirmont, 09/24/2015

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