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[SOGo] SQL errors in sogo.log - PQexec() failed

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  • From: Konrad Mauz < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] SQL errors in sogo.log - PQexec() failed
  • Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2015 09:33:40 +0100

Hi all,

randomly I have psql errors in my sogo.log like:

[ERROR] <0x0x7fa77f612bb8[GCSFolder]> -[GCSFolder fetchAclWithSpecification:]: cannot execute acl-fetch SQL 'SELECT c_uid, c_object, c_role FROM sogouser10015ddd297f_acl WHERE (c_object = '/user1/Calendar/249-55EEE080-17-3238B500') AND ((c_uid = '<default>') OR (c_uid LIKE '@%'))': <PostgreSQL72Exception: 0x7fa77f64fa88> NAME:ExecutionFailed REASON:the PQexec() failed


Nov 25 06:26:32 sogod [7903]: [ERROR] <0x0x7fa783392438[SOGoSQLUserProfile]> could not run SQL 'SELECT c_defaults FROM sogo_user_profile WHERE c_uid = 'user2'': <PostgreSQL72Exception: 0x7fa77f554a48> NAME:PostgreSQL72FatalError REASON:fatal pgsql error (channel=<0x0x7fa77f4f00d8[PostgreSQL72Channel]: connection=<0x0x7fa77f715768[PGConnection]: connection=0x0x7fa77f676890>>): SSL error: invalid mime type
2015-11-25 06:26:33.026 sogod[7903] -[PostgreSQL72Context primaryBeginTransaction]: could not begin transaction: <PostgreSQL72Exception: 0x7fa7833a9188> NAME:ExecutionFailed REASON:the PQexec() failed

with random users at random times. If I try the select in psql directly, everything is ok.

I have a sogo server ( version 2.3.2 ) on ubuntu 14.04 and a postgres database ( version 9.3 ) on another ubuntu 14.04 server.

On same days I have 300 errors like this in the logs, on the other day I have 2000 errors in the log.

Is this something to worry about?



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