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Re[2]: [SOGo] SOGo Impossible Installation

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  • Subject: Re[2]: [SOGo] SOGo Impossible Installation
  • Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2016 13:47:24 +0000
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From our experience, Debian is the best OS to install OpenChange / Samba / SOGo on.

Furthermore, I agree with the lack of precise documentation. It's a very complicated process to get going the entire OpenChange software suite. Personally I think that if you need professional help, you can always call upon commercial support from Inverse or Zentyal. 

For example some features aren't available except for the commercial edition of Zentyal server: take the dovecot openchange notification plugin. There is one page that tells you how to compile it and that's it. It's not mentioned anywhere that you need to setup samba as well, not to mention recompile dovecot to support threads in the lda binary. I spent about 2 weeks figuring this stuff out.

Maybe that's why it's only available in their commercial editions.

On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 08:42 AM, Juan Pablo Lorier < > wrote:

I’ve been where you stand, I tried to install SOGo for the first time back at 2.7 version. There the documentation was even worse and there were cross dependencies like “if you don’t use samba4 you can’t connect outlook via openchange”, now I don’t see that kind of limitation so I’m trying on Centos 7 with FreeIPA as Auth, you may use either openldap or freeipa and get rid of the samba dependency (don’t know if you need it for openchange).
I’ll open another thread for my install as SOGo si not starting wither logging anything even in debug mode… so yes installation is a mess and I’d think that maybe it’s intended so you may buy support. It’s not the first project to do that kind of things.
You may also use iRedMail to setup, but in my case, I don’t want to use another software with a different stack just to install SOGo.

El 5 abr. 2016, a las 1:01 a.m., < > escribió:

I have literally spent days with this. I have been trying to install SOGo on
CentOS 7 with OpenChange 2.3 and Samba 4.

I found out that with EnterpriseSamba you can get v4.2 or older (I believe) as
a free download and install and they provide you the key. So I finally made it
through an installation that has samba-tool and got it set up.

Next problem is to get OpenChange 2.3 installed but it only works with Samba
4.1.18 and the SerNet guys have 4.1.23 on their site not 4.1.18 (arrrgggh). So
I can't get Samba4 installed on CentOS 7. Would I be accurate in saying SOGo
isn't supported on CentOS 7?

Now I know this isn't a direct SOGo question but it does relate I think.

Has anyone got this setup I'm describing going? I would like to have CentOS 7,
Samba 4 and OpenChange 2.3 working with SOGo 3.0.2.

If what I ask is an impossible dream, then what has to give? What should I
step down in versions? I don't really need an AD environment. Or do I? I
really just want SOGo so I'm not sure I even need AD. Nothing about requiring
an AD environment in any documentation or maybe I've missed it.

I've got to say. SOGo really kicks azz when you look at what it can do. But
the documentation needs real work.


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