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Re: [SOGo] ZEG ActiveSync

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] ZEG ActiveSync
  • Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2016 22:23:01 +0100
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> This is good to know. Is it a simple step or two to configure SSL?

It's not too difficult, esp if you have done SSL certs before.

> Should I just search sogo support or is it something you could explain
> in 50 words? Thanks. This gives me hope.

Well, there is some documentation for sogo itself, but not ZEG, so I did
write a page on the wiki about reconfiguration:

Right at the bottom I there's a bit about security and SSL.
If you need encrypted IMAP as well, then it might be worth trying to
find some dovecot documentation.
I didn't but it was quite easy to configure.
Look in /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf and there are some links to SSL keys.
I didn't change the port number, so I'm running SSL (STARTTLS) on the
unencrypted port as I was having problems with doing that.

Note I've only been running sogo for about 2 weeks or so, so I'm still a
noob (although the nice folks at sogo managed to fix a bug for me within
a couple of days, which was cool)!


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