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Re: [SOGo] wrong email size with attachment

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] wrong email size with attachment
  • Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2016 09:30:51 +0200
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my attachment increase size by 500% :(
you are right... it has nothing to do with a sogo... but used firefox version or proxy.. in another version of firefox on another pc ..same server.. size of attachment is increased by < 50% ...
thanks for response... i will investigate it more later

Dňa 29. júna 2016 17:00:07 používateľ "Christian Mack" ( ) < > napísal:


Am 29.06.2016 um 12:16 schrieb Peter Nerád
( ):
> I cant send email with attachment by sogo web interface. for example i
> upload 2 MB file as attachment to new mail... but created mail has 10
> MB atachment... smtp restrictions do not allows me to send email bigger
> than 6MB... im using latest sogo 2 version

That has nothing to do with SOGo.
Email is 7bit (== ASCII) per nature.
Which means every 8 bit content has to be escaped.
For attachments usually that is achieved by base64 encoding.
That encoding encodes 2 8-bit bytes into 3 7-bit bytes.
Because of that attachments increase by 50% in size.
That is always the case with every email client there is!!!

Now you have to add the email header and the content.
If you send your emails as HTML emails, then you get the content twice.
First time is without formatting as plain text, second one is with HTML

If you also have some embedded pictures (base64 encoded) as logos in
your signature, then that adds to the email size too.

1) Don't use email for file transfer.
2) Avoid HTML emails if possible.

Kind regards,
Christian Mack

Christian Mack
Universität Konstanz
Kommunikations-, Informations-, Medienzentrum (KIM)
Abteilung Basisdienste
78457 Konstanz
+49 7531 88-4416

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