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Re: [SOGo] LDAP addressbook

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] LDAP addressbook
  • Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2016 09:20:21 -0500
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Hi Christian,

Le 28/11/2016 à 11:03, Jonathan Dumaresq ( ) a écrit :

Hi Christian,

Le 28/11/2016 à 10:43, Christian Mack ( ) a écrit :
Am 28.11.2016 um 16:03 schrieb Jonathan Dumaresq (
Hi Christian,

Le 28/11/2016 à 06:09, Christian Mack (
 ) a
écrit :
          objectClasses = contact;
you define, that every contact will be created as objectClass "contact".
That is not a standard objectClass I know of.
Your settings in sogo.conf depend on that objectClass.
Ok, I have installed a fresh LDAP server to test. I have added the
schema mozillaABPersonAlpha to it.
You should check the schema definition of that objectClass in order to
find a suitable attribute for uid and set it in "UIDFieldName".
For all the other fields find the names of the attributes in your schema
and then map those in "mapping".
(Or send us that schema for help)
I will need help mapping the schema  for sure.

Here my config section for the LDAP AB.

                id = sambaContacts;
                hostname = "ldap://";
                baseDN = "ou=AddressBook,dc=nodomain";

                bindDN = "cn=admin,dc=nodomain";
                bindPassword = pasword;
                modifiers = ( 
                displayName = "Contacts";
                canAuthenticate = NO;
                isAddressBook = YES;
                type = ldap;
                IDFieldName = uid;
                CNFieldName = cn;
                UIDFieldName = uid;

                objectClasses = (mozillaAbPersonAlpha, inetOrgPerson);

With this config, I get the folowing request to the server

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
    LDAPMessage addRequest(2)
        messageID: 2
        protocolOp: addRequest (8)
                attributes: 3 items
                    AttributeList item cn
                        type: cn
                        vals: 1 item
                            AttributeValue: 275C-583C4500-1-7C540900
                    AttributeList item objectClass
                        type: objectClass
                        vals: 2 items
                            AttributeValue: mozillaAbPersonAlpha
                            AttributeValue: inetOrgPerson
                    AttributeList item uid
                        type: uid
                        vals: 1 item
                            AttributeValue: 275C-583C4500-1-7C540900
        [Response In: 31]

And the response

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
    LDAPMessage addResponse(2) objectClassViolation (object class
'inetOrgPerson' requires attribute 'sn')
        messageID: 2
        protocolOp: addResponse (9)
                resultCode: objectClassViolation (65)
                errorMessage: object class 'inetOrgPerson' requires
attribute 'sn'
        [Response To: 30]
        [Time: 0.001029000 seconds]

I have no idea what to do to have the sn field sent to the server.

sn is the surename.
This error means you didn't provide one in your contact, but that is
mandatory in inetOrgPerson objectClass.
here a screenshot of the field filled.

With this field filled, I have the exact same addRequest as my last email. No "sn" field sent.




Do you have any idea of waht can cause this ?



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