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Re: [SOGo] Getting blank View when replying an email

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Getting blank View when replying an email
  • Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2016 11:24:16 -0200
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Hey everyone,

Now I know what is happening.
When I click on reply button, SOGo sends 2 requests: REPLY and EDIT
For sure, REPLY returns the draftId and EDIT take it.

But, I am using dockers containers as my structure (the problem doesn't happen if I use only one docker of SOGo).
That means: not always is the same machine that handle the two requests.
Most of times the request REPLY goes to one machine and the request EDIT goes to another different machine.

So, I am trying to understand what is the problem that makes me get a blank view on reply box, onde tcpdump does not show anything promising.
Finally, here is my questions: 
  • Is there any path that SOGo uses to save the draft, or it is made in a transient way?
  • If my first question is too much general, could you help me to debug further?

P.S: I was having some problems with synchronizing (using EAS) that doesn't happen if I use only one docker of SOGo. So, maybe this problem is correlated.

Thanks you all for the patience.
Best Regards.
Emílio Fonseca

Em Segunda, 28 Novembro, 2016 14:32 BRST, Emílio Fonseca ( ) < > escreveu:

Hello everyone,

I'm using git repo and I have problems when replying an email, because SOGo doesn't fill the inputs and I get a blank view.
This happens every time when I try to reply or forward an email.

Comparing my Webmail with the one in, I saw two differences:
  1. The "edit" response Preview:
    • My Webmail - In my Webmail the response came with the field "text" empty and there is no "subject" field.
    • - Field "text" and "subject" filled as it should be.
  2. The "edit" Request Cookies:
    • My Webmail - There are 02 cookies (0xHIGHFLYxSOGo and XSRF-TOKEN), but misses the "_ga".
    • - There are 03 cookies, including "_ga".

I would appreciate any help about how to debug further to solve my problem.
Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

​​​​​​​Emílio Fonseca. 
Emílio Fonseca
Development Analyst
Mav Tecnologia - (31) 3211-7777

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