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[SOGo] frequent HTTP 412 errors/calendar syncing problems

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  • Subject: [SOGo] frequent HTTP 412 errors/calendar syncing problems
  • Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2017 12:47:59 -0800
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I'm on version 3.2.5 and seeing lots of HTTP 412 errors in the SOGo logs relating to contact syncing.

For example:

Jan 29 20:18:08 sogod [13499]: X.X.X.X env=REMOTE_HOST "PUT /SOGo/dav/username/Contacts/personal/C4A776B4-9AA0-0001-79DC-1139567AF0B0.vcf HTTP/1.1" 412 187/460 0.208 - - 0

Here is the obfuscated contact:

 PRODID:-//Apple Inc.//Mac OS X 10.12.1//EN\r
 FN:First Last\r
 TEL;TYPE=WORK,VOICE,pref:000 000 0000\r
 TEL;TYPE=CELL,VOICE:1 (000) 000-0000\r

The only thing I see that might be incorrect is that the UID inside the record does not match the UID of the DB record. Is this supposed to be that way? Perhaps that is the problem?

The user is having difficulty syncing iPhone/iCal desktop/SOGo web. I'm concerned that this might be related. There are sometimes issues with iCal pushing the contacts to SOGo, however, there are also several instances of SOGo simply stopping the sync after it believes all contacts have been pushed out when they clearly have not.


  • [SOGo] frequent HTTP 412 errors/calendar syncing problems, Stephen Ingram, 01/30/2017

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