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[SOGo] Migration from LDAP to AD

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  • From: "Christian Naumer" ( ) < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] Migration from LDAP to AD
  • Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2017 14:02:19 +0100
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we have SOGov2 and SOGov3 running with same DB as backend. The DB is on
the SOGov2 host running on Centos6. SOGov3 is running on Centos7.
Actually most everything is working fine. However we recently migrated
from a pure LDAP (Samba with LDAP backend in NT-Style domain) to an AD
running on Samba. We configured the "new" LDAP servers in SOGo and
mostly everything worked. However on the v2 instance of SOGo the name
(given name, last name) of the users is not displayed in the
webinterface and also not as sender in Emails. Only the UID (loginname)
is displayed. And if I export user via sogo-tool there is also a

Here for my account login name in "cn".

In V2 (Version 2.3.19 (root@shiva.inverse 201701200021))

displayname: Christian Naumer
c_cn: cn

In V3 (Version 3.2.4 (root@shiva.inverse 201701100254))

displayname: Christian Naumer
c_cn: Christian Naumer

Both versions have the same sogo.conf file (see below).

SOGoUserSources = (
     CNFieldName = displayName;
     IDFieldName = sAMAccountName;
     UIDFieldName = sAMAccountName;
     bindAsCurrentUser =YES;
     baseDN = "cn=Users,dc=xx,dc=xxx,dc=xx";
     bindDN = "CN=xxxx,CN=Users,DC=xx,DC=xxx,DC=xx";
     bindFields = (
     bindPassword = "xxx";
     listRequiresDot = NO;
     canAuthenticate = YES;
     displayName = XXX;
     hostname = "ldaps://dc1.xx ldaps://dc2.xx ldaps://dc3.xx";
     id = XXX;
     isAddressBook = YES;
     SearchFieldNames = (sAMAccountName,displayName,mail);

Does anybody have an idea how to fix this? As they share the same DB I
don't know where to look.



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