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[SOGo] Several tasks I don't know how to do in SOGo (might be feature wishes)

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  • Subject: [SOGo] Several tasks I don't know how to do in SOGo (might be feature wishes)
  • Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2017 02:22:36 +0200
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Hi there,

I've recently switched my domain to SOGo 3.2.10 201707051800 and I have a couple of questions or remarks. Some are features I haven't found, or personal wishes for improvments, let me know what you think :)

1. Fast contact adding to address book: When you receive an e-mail from a new sender, you sometimes want to save it, on Roundcound and Zimbra you can just click or right clic the sender and add it immediately. I found no such feature in SOGo, the sender picture is static, all you can do is double-clicking the address to send a new mail. I would expect an option by cliking the sender's icon that interprets "Alex Mercier < >" as a new contact with display name Alex Mercier and the corresponding e-mail address

1bis. I guess an "auto add" option would also be on my wish list (kind of Google's collected addresses)

2. When writing a long message, the formating toolbar stays up, why have to constantly go up and down while editing the message, this issue happens both in in-window editing style and new-window editing style. Fortunately, keyboard shortcuts help to save time :)

3. Regarding these two editing styles (in-window and new-window): I write a new message much more often that I want to change new-window or in-window editing style. Writing a message needs 2 clicks while it should need only 1. I would prefer a default in-window style with an option to move it in a new window once editing has started. With an option "always edit messages in new windows" in preferences maybe

4. Auto-saving: What about a confirmation window when escaping an unsaved changed preference window or a new contact in address book? I lost my changes a couple of times because I forgot to click "save"

5. Home button Is there an emergency HOME button anywhere? Most websites go home when you click their logo. I've been looking for hours a way to escape from different things (message search, settings window, ...) but the way to escape these is always different, which is cognitively harder. Say, I had started a contact editing operation a few hours ago and new to send an urgent e-mail, I'm coming back to SOGo that remained on the contact editing form, and I have to realize that the current window is the address book, and I must first switch to e-mails before being able to write a mail, but I also want to save the current contact, so click save first... High cognitive load for a trivial task: escape.

6. Dynamic favicon: What about a dynamic favicon that updates to tell the number of unread messages? It's terribly useful to be warned when there's a need to check inbox (and how urgent it is when the favicon says 9+ :-D)

7. Multiple accounts; Can we open two different mail account in the same browser? Any trick to achieve so (except a private window)?

8. Disconnected information; Sometimes I switch between several mail accounts, leaving some tabs open, when I go back to them a random message appears, either "forbidden" in a pretty infobox "forbidden" (OK) or "tried to access private object. tried to access private object" in some cases (bad). I guess a nicer message would be easier to understand: "Sorry you disconnected from this account"

9. Readability: My mother does not manage to make the difference between ON (green) and OFF (grey) states of switches (such as the "Remember username" switch during login). I guess green is not enough contrasted from grey. Maybe the default theme should emphasis the contrast?

10. i18n: I would say changing language should set the default dates and calendar format, unless the user set these settings manually. The french interface should set Monday as the default labor day, as well as Vendredi 1 Septembre 2017 as long date, and so on...

11. Bug: On Firefox 55.0.2 on Ubuntu 16.04 with normal animation level settings, the message scroll bar (the very right one) is fixed and does not move neither by clicking it nor using the mouse wheel. The only way I can read my messages is by using the directional arrows or PAGE UP/DOWN keys.

Thanks for reading and thank you in advance for your answers!


  • [SOGo] Several tasks I don't know how to do in SOGo (might be feature wishes), Alex M, 08/31/2017

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