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[SOGo] Unknown column 'c_hascertificate' in 'field list'

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  • From: "Michael Doerner | Technologywise" ( ) < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] Unknown column 'c_hascertificate' in 'field list'
  • Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2018 09:56:27 +1300
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Hi all

I have just updated our SOGo to the very latest SOGo nightly build (for
CentOS6),, hoping to fix a problem that must have
started recently but I am unsure when exactly.

When trying to look at the address book in the SOGo web interface
(tested with various users), the screen will show you the total amount
of contacts but underneath, where the list of contacts should be seen,
it looks like it is trying to refresh but not been able to show any entry.

The SOGo log shows the following:

Jan 08 09:47:03 sogod [3637]: [ERROR] <0x0x7fa98f65f468[GCSFolder]>
-[GCSFolder fetchFields:fetchSpecification:ignoreDeleted:]: cannot
execute quick-fetch SQL 'SELECT c_name, c_cn, c_givenname, c_sn,
c_screenname, c_o, c_mail, c_telephonenumber, c_categories, c_component,
c_hascertificate FROM
..... (cut)...
ExecutionFailed REASON:Unknown column 'c_hascertificate' in 'field list'

We have not in any way tried to do something manually with the MySQL
database so I wonder what might be the reason for this?

Any idea or help?

Thanks, Michael

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