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[SOGo] How to change colours on SOGo 4

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  • Subject: [SOGo] How to change colours on SOGo 4
  • Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2018 19:02:49 -0700
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Hi guys,
I tried to add a new palette to the
/usr/lib/GNUstep/SOGo/WebServerResources/js/Common.js file.
r.definePalette("sogo-orange", {
50: "FFF3E0",
100: "FFE0B2",
200: "FFCC80",
300: "FFB74D",
400: "FFA726",
500: "FF9800",
600: "FB8C00",
700: "F57C00",
800: "EF6C00",
900: "E65100",
A100: "FFD180",
A200: "FFAB40",
A400: "FF9100",
A700: "FF6D00",
contrastDefaultColor: "light",
contrastDarkColors: ["50", "100", "200"]

But when I change the values in:
r.definePalette("sogo-grey", o),
r.theme("default").primaryPalette(“sogo-orange", {
default: "900",
"hue-1": "400",
"hue-2": "800",
"hue-3": "A700"
}).accentPalette(“sogo-orange", {
default: "500",
"hue-1": "A100",
"hue-2": "300",
"hue-3": "A700"
}).backgroundPalette("sogo-grey"), DebugEnabled || (e.debugEnabled(!1),
t.debugInfoEnabled(!1), i.disableWarnings(), r.generateThemesOnDemand(!0)),

The SOGo login interface has the green accent on the button and when logged
in, nothing is with the colour I chose. It is all default colours, I believe
is the green theme.

Any ideas how and where I need to go to get this working?

Thank you,
Igor Almeida

  • [SOGo] How to change colours on SOGo 4, Igor Almeida, 06/26/2018

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