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[SOGo] Problems with SMTP

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  • From: "Jaco Terblanche" ( ) < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] Problems with SMTP
  • Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2018 00:28:57 +0200
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I finally have a partially working SOGo system - mainly thanks to this little comment in the conf:

~sogo/GNUstep/Defaults/.GNUstepDefaults has precedence over this file, 
 make sure to move it away to avoid unwanted parameter overrides.

LDAP and IMAP is working nicely, however SMTP is another challenge at the moment.

Thank you Albert Shih ( ) for the advise on LDAP configuration.

IMAP & SMTP is located on a separate instance (not localhost)

Error form UI:
cannot send message: (smtp) authentication failure

Error in sogo.log:


C: connect to <0x0x55d7820259f0[NGInternetSocketAddress]: host=SMTP_HOSTNAME not-filled>
S: <SMTP-Reply: code=220 line='SMTP_HOSTNAME ESMTP Postfix'>
2018-07-10 00:02:13.600 sogod[10878] -[NGInternetSocketAddress _fillHost]: host not found ..
2018-07-10 00:02:13.600 sogod[10878] could not get DNS name of address in domain <InternetDomain[0x0x55d781c57c70]>: 1
S: <SMTP-Reply: code=250 line='DSN'>
S: pipelining extension supported.
S: size extension supported.
S: <SMTP-Reply: code=221 line='2.0.0 Bye'>
Jul 10 00:02:13 sogod [10878]: |SOGo| request took 0.379490 seconds to execute
Jul 10 00:02:13 sogod [10878]: "POST /SOGo/so/jterblanche/Mail/0/folderDrafts/newDraft1531172973-1/send HTTP/1.1" 405 86/221 0.380 - - -16K
-------------------------------------------- is the private IP address of the server where  - I have no idea where it's pulling this from - it's not added in the conf . . .

Error on mail server:


imap postfix/submission/smtpd[82216]: connect from unknown[PUBLIC_IP_SOGO]
imap postfix/submission/smtpd[82216]: disconnect from unknown[PUBLIC_IP_SOGO]


SOGo Configuration:


/* Mail */
  SOGoDraftsFolderName = Drafts;
  SOGoSentFolderName = Sent;
  SOGoTrashFolderName = Trash;
  SOGoIMAPServer = "imaps://MAIL_SERVER:993";
  //SOGoIMAPAclConformsToIMAPExt = YES;
  //SOGoSieveServer = sieve://;
  SOGoMailingMechanism = "smtp";
  SOGoSMTPServer = "MAIL_SERVER:587";
  SOGoSMTPAuthenticationType = PLAIN;
  SOGoMailDomain = "DOMAIN.COM";
  SOGoForceExternalLoginWithEmail = YES;
  //SOGoMailSpoolPath = /var/spool/sogo;
  //NGImap4ConnectionStringSeparator = "/";
  SOGoMailCustomFromEnabled = YES;


I have tried to look for information online and on the mailing lists, the only recommendation was adding the following line to the conf:

WOUseRelativeURLs = YES;

I have added that and restarted the sogo service - no joy.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!


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