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Re: [SOGo] Problems with SMTP

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Problems with SMTP
  • Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2018 00:50:01 +0200
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Thank Damir!

The problem was with the postfix server blocked my IP as it could not resolve the hostname - that's fixed now and could send a test mail out.

Thanks for the help!

On 10-Jul-18 12:18 PM, Damir Laurenzi
( )
far as I know sogo smtp doesn't support smtps/starttls protocols, just
plain/clear smtp connections.
to use encryption we're using stunnel to connect from the sogo server to the
smtp server on port 465:

sogo (/etc/sogo/sogo.conf):

SOGoSMTPAuthenticationType = PLAIN;
SOGoSMTPServer =;

stunnel (/etc/stunnel/smtp.conf):
client = yes
accept =
connect = <your smtp server>:465
CAfile = <certification authority pem file>

stunnel is started from rc.local with:

stunnel /etc/stunnel/smtp.conf

I have no idea if starttls can also be used this way, in case, please let me


On 07/10/2018 12:28 AM, Jaco Terblanche
( )

I finally have a partially working SOGo system - mainly thanks to this little
comment in the conf:

/~sogo/GNUstep/Defaults/.GNUstepDefaults has precedence over this file,  //
// make sure to move it away to avoid unwanted parameter overrides.

LDAP and IMAP is working nicely, however SMTP is another challenge at the

Thank you Albert Shih
( )
for the advise on LDAP configuration.

IMAP & SMTP is located on a separate instance (not localhost)

*Error form UI:*
cannot send message: (smtp) authentication failure

*Error in sogo.log:*


C: connect to <0x0x55d7820259f0[NGInternetSocketAddress]: host=SMTP_HOSTNAME
S: <SMTP-Reply: code=220 line='SMTP_HOSTNAME ESMTP Postfix'>
2018-07-10 00:02:13.600 sogod[10878] -[NGInternetSocketAddress _fillHost]:
host not found ..
2018-07-10 00:02:13.600 sogod[10878] could not get DNS name of address in domain <InternetDomain[0x0x55d781c57c70]>: 1
S: <SMTP-Reply: code=250 line='DSN'>
S: pipelining extension supported.
S: size extension supported.
S: <SMTP-Reply: code=221 line='2.0.0 Bye'>
Jul 10 00:02:13 sogod [10878]: |SOGo| request took 0.379490 seconds to execute
Jul 10 00:02:13 sogod [10878]: "POST
/SOGo/so/jterblanche/Mail/0/folderDrafts/newDraft1531172973-1/send HTTP/1.1" 405
86/221 0.380 - - -16K
-------------------------------------------- is the private IP address of the server where  - I have no
idea where it's pulling this from - it's not added in the conf . . .

*Error on mail server:*


imap postfix/submission/smtpd[82216]: connect from unknown[PUBLIC_IP_SOGO]
imap postfix/submission/smtpd[82216]: disconnect from unknown[PUBLIC_IP_SOGO]


SOGo Configuration:


/* Mail */
  SOGoDraftsFolderName = Drafts;
  SOGoSentFolderName = Sent;
  SOGoTrashFolderName = Trash;
  SOGoIMAPServer = "imaps://MAIL_SERVER:993";
  //SOGoIMAPAclConformsToIMAPExt = YES;
  //SOGoSieveServer = sieve://;
  SOGoMailingMechanism = "smtp";
  SOGoSMTPServer = "MAIL_SERVER:587";
  SOGoSMTPAuthenticationType = PLAIN;
  SOGoMailDomain = "DOMAIN.COM";
  SOGoForceExternalLoginWithEmail = YES;
  //SOGoMailSpoolPath = /var/spool/sogo;
  //NGImap4ConnectionStringSeparator = "/";
  SOGoMailCustomFromEnabled = YES;


I have tried to look for information online and on the mailing lists, the
only recommendation was adding the following line to the conf:

WOUseRelativeURLs = YES;

I have added that and restarted the sogo service - no joy.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!



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