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RE: [SOGo] Outlook, EAS and follow-up flags

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  • Subject: RE: [SOGo] Outlook, EAS and follow-up flags
  • Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2018 10:56:34 -0500
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FYI, we found out that this in an Outlook issue that is present in the updates of the Office 365 monthly channel.


Changing the update channel to the Semi-Annual channel and updating installs an “enterprise ready” (more tested) version of Outlook that doesn’t have this issue. The issue by the way isn’t EAS exclusive, happens with IMAP sync as well.


Best regard,




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Enviado el: viernes, 28 de setiembre de 2018 07:07
Asunto: RE: [SOGo] Outlook, EAS and follow-up flags


this seems to be a shortcoming of Outlook in combination with EAS.
OL doesn't send anything about the follow-up flag when sending e sendmail-request to sogo.

You can verify this yourself by setting SOGoEASDebugEnabled = YES.
You will just see the sendmail-request and nothing related to the follow-up flag.


Am Donnerstag, September 27, 2018 21:33 CEST, "\"Suscripciones Xubium\"" (
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We have been testing SOGo with good results in the company, but we do have a small issue that is affecting all users (we have Outlook O365 and we use EAS for sync): When composing a message you have the option to flag it so you can follow-up later in the tasks list. The issue is that the flag doesn't remain when the email is sent (the email in the sent items folder doesn't have the flag, and because of that the message is not listed in the Outlook tasks).


Has anybody seem this behavior? Do you have some advice? As this is happening to all users, it must be something about the server (hopefully config) or the way we are configuring the sync.







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