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Re: [SOGo] Calendar shows ID instead of Name

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Calendar shows ID instead of Name
  • Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2018 11:59:53 +0100
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Am 18.12.18 um 09:44 schrieb Götz Reinicke
( ):
>> Am 17.12.2018 um 18:07 schrieb Christian Mack
>> ( )
>> < >:
>> Am 17.12.18 um 15:39 schrieb Götz Reinicke
>> ( ):
>>> since some days Users tell me, that some subscribed or own
>>> calendars show up as an ID like 7399-12312312-12312333 instead of
>>> „Cooking Class“.
>>> This happens in Apple Calendar and SOGO Web Userinterface.
>>> I guess some linking between Names and the IDs got lost
>>> somewhere; but where?
>>> Any hints and suggestions are welcome . Regards . Götz
>> Did you check in the sogo-tool backup file of that user, if the
>> calendar folder name is still set?
>> If yes I would try to fix it with a restore of that calendar. If
>> no, I would add it to the backup file and restore.
> The bad news: The backup script is not running any more for a few
> days and I have no clew why? May be you?

Do you use the standard backup skript /usr/share/doc/sogo/
Do you get an error?
As the backup script is run as user sogo, also check his emails.

> The other cronjobs lick Vacation messages expiration are running
> fine.
> A backup from CLI with sogo-tools for an user works as well.
> That backup dose not contain the calendar names, just the ID.
> The question for me is: How did the names get lost in first place?
> Doing a backup edit the file and restore ist not a good option…. Some
> users are not amused about loosing the names
> Any ideas?

I do not know how that happend.

You could check the database entries of that users, if you still can
find those names.
But I assume those entries are defect/deleted.

Can those users set a new name via web frontend?

You could additionally check all users with sogo-tool checkup to find
corrupt entries.

Kind regards,
Christian Mack

Christian Mack
Universität Konstanz
Kommunikations-, Informations-, Medienzentrum (KIM)
Abteilung Basisdienste
78457 Konstanz
+49 7531 88-4416

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