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Re: [SOGo] I'm new to SOGo - Question about compiling

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] I'm new to SOGo - Question about compiling
  • Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2019 15:33:06 -0800
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On 1/5/19 9:21 PM, "hans dieter""
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Where can I look up the versioning of SOGo builds? Is there only this Change-Log on Github, or is there an official Version-List?

I'm not sure... are you looking for the release announcements?

What about those production-/nightly builds? I mean, which build numbers do each of them have? Where can I see the build numbers?

Packages bear a release version number and a date for nightly builds.

And what is the Source-Code supposed to be? Is it the Source-Code from the production build or from the nightly build?
I assume, that this Source-Code is only from one of both (production build or nightly build), so where is the other code from both?

If you mean: then I believe source archives are only published for releases.

The "nightly" directory structure has source packages that match binaries (for rpm, at least):

I appreciate the approach to make the development builds free, but the production builds to be paid.
And I also appreciate the support-contract-model that SOGo does. But what I don't understand: why is there no cheap contract for students or very small business?
I mean $750 per year is very much for one person, who don't need and dont wan't any Support. I mean, why is there no cheap contract like: $25 for the Production build for 5 users, and every single more user costs $5 extra or something like that... Why do I need to buy the hole 8:00am to 5:00pm Support, when I just wan't the production builds? $750 is worth when you run more than 200 Users ... but not for me

The point at which the price is worth paying is subjective, and I think SOGo has a different user in mind for their price structure.  ($750 is roughly the cost of Office 365 Enterprise E1 for 7 users.  For a SOHO smaller than that, O365 is cheaper.)  For home/not-for-profit use, it's... reasonably easy to build the packages.  I've got scripts that automate the process:

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