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[SOGo] sogo deletes appointments unwantedly

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  • Subject: [SOGo] sogo deletes appointments unwantedly
  • Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2019 07:07:07 +0100
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Dear SOGo-Community
We are using sogo as our groupware server in combination with iredmail.
Every now and then sogo seems to delete appointments automatically and absolutely unwanted by the user.

The problem seems to affecto only certain users.
The pattern is as follows:

1. user one places an entry in his personal calender
2. user one invites user 2 to the appointment
3. user 2 doesn't react to the invitation
4. at the night before the appointment is due, sogo deletes the entry in user2's calender an sends a message to user1 that user2 will not participate

The part of my logfile (probably) shows the fitting entries. At least at this time the mail was sent with the message that the user will not participate.
Mar 19 01:01:03 sogod [23619]: "PROPFIND /SOGo/dav/leu/Calendar/personal/ HTTP/1.0" 207 394/265 0.014 1038 62% 0
Mar 19 01:01:09 sogod [23619]: "DELETE /SOGo/dav/leu/Calendar/personal/5944-5B916780-6B-5BB92D00.ics HTTP/1.0" 2
04 0/0 5.783 - - 16K

Anybody knows this problem?

Thanks for your help

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