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RE: [SOGo] How to select a "Sent Folder" per user on SOGo4

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  • Subject: RE: [SOGo] How to select a "Sent Folder" per user on SOGo4
  • Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2019 19:32:39 +0200
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This riddle I think I can solve:
Any folder can be set as Sent folder by clicking on the 3 dots besides it and
choose "Set As Sent" (or Drafts or Trash), at leasts for me this works (not
that I need it)



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Sent: Monday, April 29, 2019 7:05 PM

Subject: [SOGo] How to select a "Sent Folder" per user on SOGo4


In version 2, it was possible to right-click a folder and define it as the
"Sent Folder".
I can't see this option anymore in SOGOv3 or 4, but I may have missed it.

There is an IMAP configuration option, but not a per-user option.
We're using several mail servers (each one with different Cyrus/Dovecot
configurations) but our SOGo is setup as a single domain server (mailhost
selection is based on an LDAP attribute): thus we can't just use the IMAP
configuration parameter.

Is there a way to set this per-user Sent folder in the Web interface ?

Thanks in advance,


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