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[SOGo] Spontaneous duplicate tasks with ActiveSync

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  • Subject: [SOGo] Spontaneous duplicate tasks with ActiveSync
  • Date: Sun, 12 May 2019 18:40:54 -0700
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I'm running SOGo 2 because I like the Thunderbird-like Web interface and am having a big problem with usually recurring tasks creating duplicates of themselves each time the event is supposed to occur. They were originally created in Thunderbird using its built-in remote calendar support (CalDAV) which worked fine when it was the only client I was using, and the problem started when I set up a new Android phone to sync data with SOGo via ActiveSync.

The AS client showed a bunch of old recurring task instances going back two years, even though I had checked them off as "done" in Thunderbird a long time ago, so I dutifully checked them all off as "done" on the AS client. Once I did that, Thunderbird then began displaying multiple entries for the same task and slowing to a crawl as it tried to display reminders for all of them. Since it became unusable, I disabled the calendar in Thunderbird. Even after that, the AS client is still showing new duplicate entries for random tasks.

I tried deleting all but one of each duplicate in the Web interface but the problem continues to show up again on its own after I do that.

For example, a couple of non-recurring tasks show only one instance in the Web interface but two on the AS client all of a sudden.

What is the best way to proceed to fix this? The calendar currently remains unusable in Thunderbird via CalDAV due to slowing TB to a crawl.

Point of note: unfortunately due to how the phone's software is designed, the only way I can sync tasks is via ActiveSync. (Otherwise I would have preferred straight CalDAV & CardDAV since AS has been problematic for me in the past as well.)

Sean M. Pappalardo
Sr. Networks Engineer
Renegade Technologies

Office: (630) 631-6188

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