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[SOGo] sogo-tool, modify user preferences

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  • Subject: [SOGo] sogo-tool, modify user preferences
  • Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2019 13:41:05 +0000
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Dear SOGo community,
I'm trying to share a calendar from one mailbox to other users with availability through MS Outlook via ActiveSync connection.

I've done with sharing using command
~# sogo-tool manage-acl add Calendar/personal [\"PublicModifier\"]

And now i should add option 'Synchronize (Microsoft Enterprise ActiveSync)' with sogo-tool (still unchecked on this screenshot
I didn't find exact option names (by google or sogo sources) and have tried something like this (of cource it's wrong):
~# sogo-tool user-preferences set settings '{"Calendar": {"FolderSynchronize": {" :Calendar\/personal": 1}}}'
after i've inspect mysql database with user settings and changing preferences via web interface but have no luck.
Also i've tried a 'hack' - via my external script i've added 'FolderSynchronize' parameter into mysql sogo_user_profile table, c_settings row, exactly (except an order of parameters in array) like SOGo doing this after parameter checked in web-interface, but this doesn't help.

Can someone explain right syntax to use sogo-tool user-preferences or any other ways how to enable ActiveSync Synchronize from 'admin' side, without necessity to user side actions?

Thank you.

P.S. even built-in help message with command 'sogo-tool user-preferences get defaults janedoe SOGoLanguage' for my mailbox returns "Value for key "SOGoLanguage" not found in settings"

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