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Re: [SOGo] sogo-tool, modify user preferences

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] sogo-tool, modify user preferences
  • Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2019 14:26:46 +0200
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This is kinda fun to figure out. Fist do not copy paste my commands chack they match your enviroment. and skip step 6.

I have done the following. and it works to a point, the only issue now is that all is set up, BUT use is not subscribed... how ever if i run (sogo-tool manage-acl subscribe Calendar/personal '["PublicModifier"]') again as the last step it all fall into place. (perhaps it's related to changing the name of the Calendar when 'user-preferences set settings' is run.) but i do not have to much time to invest at the moment.

NOTE* i feel this is hacky at best maybe some one from the dev team can confirm or deny this. And i hope this will get you further.

1. Get the device we are using at this moment.

 ~# sogo-tool manage-eas listdevices
2. validate that you are seeing the expected folders [NO share at this point] (i do this, you do not need to. BUT the more info/validation of entries the better.)

 ~# sogo-tool manage-eas listfolders {DEVICE-ID-FROM-LISTDEVICES}
3. add and subscribe

 ~# sogo-tool manage-acl add Calendar/personal '["PublicModifier"]'
 ~# sogo-tool manage-acl subscribe Calendar/personal '["PublicModifier"]'
4. Check the shares of :Calendar/personal.

 ~# sogo-tool manage-acl get Calendar/personal

 ***** output of 'manage-acl get' if empty results NO shares is setup, anf you need to start over with step 3
 * 2019-07-10 10:56:57.265 sogo-tool[17342:17342] Rights for ["PublicModifier"]

5. Update the user settings.

 5.1. get all user settings for key=Calendar.

 ~# sogo-tool user-preferences get settings Calendar
 5.2. update the output (FULL OUTPUT) with your changes. (for me i took the output of 5.1 and added/appended/merged the new calendar settings *{,"FolderSynchronize": {}}* )
 ** NOTE: 'sogo-tool user-preferences set settings Calendar -f /path/to/file.json' can be used to load the full json from a file.
 ~# sogo-tool user-preferences set settings Calendar '{
        "FoldersOrder": ["1ADD-5CFD4880-1-41A25A80", "personal"],
        "View": "weekview",
        "FolderColors": {" :Calendar\/personal": "#AAAAAA"},
        "FolderDisplayNames": {" :Calendar\/personal": "Meetingroom"}
        "NotifyOnPersonalModifications": {" :Calendar\/personal": 0},
        "EventsFilterState": "view_next7",
        "SelectedList": "eventsListView",
        "FreeBusyExclusions": {" :Calendar\/personal": 0},
        "NotifyOnExternalModifications": {" :Calendar\/personal": 1},
        "NotifyUserOnPersonalModifications": {" :Calendar\/personal": 0},
        "TasksSortingState": ["status", "1"],
        "TasksFilterState": "view_incomplete",
        "PreventInvitationsWhitelist": {},
        "FolderSynchronize": {" :Calendar\/personal": 1, " :Calendar\/personal": 1},
        "EventsSortingState": ["start", "1"]

6. [WRONG DO NOT RUN UNLESS YOU GOT BACKUP.] i added this to showcase an issue when manipulating the user setting.

 ~# sogo-tool user-preferences set settings Calendar '{"FolderSynchronize": {" :Calendar\/personal": 1}}'
 ------- NO NO NO... all my settings for my own calendars and the shared calendars are gone.. crying a little. 'sogo-tool manage-acl get'==not found back to step 3.
 This happens to be simple we are setting the value of the key '*Calendar*' so we need to set the full json/dictionary when manipulating this setting.

Christian M. Jensen

On 04-07-2019 15:41, Alexey Dunaev ( ) wrote:
Dear SOGo community,
I'm trying to share a calendar from one mailbox to other users with availability through MS Outlook via ActiveSync connection.

I've done with sharing using command
~# sogo-tool manage-acl add Calendar/personal [\"PublicModifier\"] ~# sogo-tool manage-acl subscribe Calendar/personal [\"PublicModifier\"]

And now i should add option 'Synchronize (Microsoft Enterprise ActiveSync)' with sogo-tool (still unchecked on this screenshot
I didn't find exact option names (by google or sogo sources) and have tried something like this (of cource it's wrong): ~# sogo-tool user-preferences set settings '{"Calendar": {"FolderSynchronize": {" :Calendar\/personal": 1}}}'
after i've inspect mysql database with user settings and changing preferences via web interface but have no luck. Also i've tried a 'hack' - via my external script i've added 'FolderSynchronize' parameter into mysql sogo_user_profile table, c_settings row, exactly (except an order of parameters in array) like SOGo doing this after parameter checked in web-interface, but this doesn't help.
Can someone explain right syntax to use sogo-tool user-preferences or any other ways how to enable ActiveSync Synchronize from 'admin' side, without necessity to user side actions?
Thank you.

P.S. even built-in help message with command 'sogo-tool user-preferences get defaults janedoe SOGoLanguage' for my mailbox returns "Value for key "SOGoLanguage" not found in settings"

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