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Re: [SOGo] Authentication for emai

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Authentication for emai
  • Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2019 13:33:21 +0200
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I can authenticate with every other emailprogramm on dovecot.

Can't edit the first created emailaccount in sogo.

Created a second account in sogo and got a password-field and can
edit the account and can login to the mailbox at dovecot.

All this is not possible with the first created account. I even can't
delete it.

SOGoIMAPServer = "";
SOGoSieveServer = sieve://;
SOGoSMTPServer =;
SOGoMailDomain =;
SOGoMailingMechanism = smtp;
SOGoSMTPAuthenticationType = plain;
SOGoForceExternalLoginWithEmail = YES;


"\"Christian M. Jensen\""
( )

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schrieb am 11.07.19 um 12:24:00 Uhr:

> Hi.
> Make sure you can authenticate and use your mail server without SOGo eg.
> telnet into the imap server, if that works, Please! start with this
> guide
> , after you complete the install guide, if your are still having issues
> with authentication, we need to see your configuration for SOGo
> authentication source and info about what imap server you got. ps filter
> out any passwords/users info.

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