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[SOGo] SOGoMailCustomEmail not taking effect

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  • Subject: [SOGo] SOGoMailCustomEmail not taking effect
  • Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2019 18:26:00 +0000
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I’ve added the option “SOGoMailCustomEmail = YES” to my /etc/sogo/sogo.conf file and restarted the ‘sogo’ service but I still only have a dropdown in the sogo web interface for selecting a limited number of my total alias for my email account (it seems to cut them off as I have 56 total alias registered, the last one in the sogo from list is only partially shown).


Is there anyway around sogo cutting off the alias list or is SOGoMailCustomEmail the only option, if I can get that to work?


This is the web interface section of my sogo config:


  /* Web Interface */

  //SOGoPageTitle = SOGo;

  //SOGoVacationEnabled = YES;

  //SOGoForwardEnabled = YES;

  //SOGoSieveScriptsEnabled = YES;

  //SOGoMailAuxiliaryUserAccountsEnabled = YES;

  //SOGoTrustProxyAuthentication = NO;

  //SOGoXSRFValidationEnabled = YES;

  SOGoMailCustomEmail = YES;



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