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Re: [SOGo] dot forward to sieve

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  • From: "Pavel Fibich" ( ) < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] dot forward to sieve
  • Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2019 13:58:25 +0200
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Hi Christian and Daniel,

thank you for pointing me to sogo-tool, I will create a script that will read ~/.forward, and serve it to sogo-tool. It looks like that it is doing exactly what I need, to fill users's sieve and Sogo database (I have also users that do not use web interface). I have just one problem, running

sogo-tool user-preferences set defaults pfibich Forward '{"forwardAddress": [" "], "enabled": 1, "keepCopy": 1}'

2019-08-30 12:11:43.248 sogo-tool[14204:14204] To update Sieve scripts, you must provide the "-p credentialFile" parameter
2019-08-30 12:11:43.248 sogo-tool[14204:14204] Error updating sieve script, not updating database

I do not know credentials of individuals users, so from I have understand that I should create some master user in Dovecot and use it in sogo-tools's credentialFile. Is it so, do you have any recommendation for Dovecot settings, or I am missing something?

Best, Pavel

On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 8:42 PM "Daniel Carlos Silva" < > wrote:
Hi Pavel,
when I moved to sogo, I used a php script to read each user sieve configs fom tine mail mysql database and insert in sogo using sogo-tools.




Em Quinta, Agosto 29, 2019 11:08 -03, "Pavel Fibich" ( ) < > escreveu:
Dear Sogo developers,

thank you for your great work and I would like to ask you, if there is any way how to force Sogo 4.0.8 to read ~/sieve/sogo.sieve instead of fetching it from database?

Basically, I am moving old mail server (allowing users to specify forwarding in ~/.forward file and serving hundreds of users) to new one with Sogo and I must deal with forwarding too. Leaving .forward works, but users can not edit it. I can create script that transforms .forward to sogo.sieve, but if I try it, Sogo does not read such file, but rather fetch it from database. Do you have any idea how to solve such problem?

Best regards, Pavel

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